Dog Cat Pet Waterfall Bowl Water Drinking Fountain Pump Fresh Filter EU Plug


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Type: Enhancing Oxygen
Material: Plastic
Suitable for: Universal
Color: White
Size: 31*18*18 cm
Water Storage: up to 2.5L
Power Supply: EU Plug
Adapter AC12V, 50Hz, 3W
Filtration: Bio-Carbon-Filter, 5pcs(Reusable)
– High quality guarantees long service life.
– Provides the pet with fresh running water.
– Provides stream of naturally cool, oxygenated water.
– Activated bio-carbon fliter ensures improved water quality, reduces bad smells improves taste.
– Suitable for multiple cats or small medium size dogs.
– Encourages pet to drink more frequently.
– Use low power supply for your pet safety.
– Slient noise, best for pet which is sensitive to noise.
– Few of the many health benefits that fresh water provides to your pet are improved digestion and kidney function.
Package Included:
1 x Bowl
1 x Power Adapter
5 x Bio-Carbon-Filters
1 x User Manual