5 Cat Products From Amazon That Thousands Of People Swear By

1. A self-groomer cat toy for the feline in your life who cannot get enough of those precious cheek scratches. This product adheres to any corner in your home, making self-grooming a breeze for your kitty.



Promising review: “My cat likes nothing. He doesn’t go into paper bags, ignores boxes, isn’t curious about the birds. Mostly he eats and sleeps and allows us to pet him. But he LOVES this!”




2. A silicone cat bowl mat, because messes are inevitable when dinnertime rolls around. This will keep your floors food-free, and will also protect them from water damage if your cat is the type to splash their water bowl before drinking.

Promising review: “My kitten is a VERY messy eater and always digs and scratches everywhere around her bowl, so, food scatters all over the floor. This mat is great! The bowl isn’t able to slide or knock over and it is water-resistant, so it’s 100% easy to clean. It doesn’t roll up around the corners like some mats I’ve had, meaning food won’t get stuck underneath it.”

3. A Catit grass planter that’ll keep your cats from eating the plants around your home. This is extremely important to have as a cat owner since some house plants are actually toxic to cats.



Promising review: “I poured about a quart of water with Miracle Gro in it over the seeds, and it drained immediately into the drip tray which filled up. I figured it would just suck up the water out of the tray as needed. Then I left it alone for five days while on a business trip. When I came home, the grass was 8 to 10 inches high and very thick and fluffy. My cats loved it!”

4. A Vetericyn skin care spray, because cats get nicks from time to time. Consider this the cat version of that one salve you rub onto your own cuts to help them heal quicker.

Promising review: “My cat is a Maine Coon and he’s very fluffy. For about two weeks he’s been having some skin issues and flakes. After it rained, I’ve noticed his back was bleeding. I have tried ointments and nothing works until I came across this. No lie… I sprayed him three times yesterday and pat it down with paper towels, now he is completely healed. A great spray for your pet’s skin, seriously!”

5. A raised cat food bowl, because raised bowls provide cats with a better eating posture, making digestion easier.



Promising review: “I ended up ordering four bowls total as I have four cats. The bowls work perfectly for breakfast and dinner wet food. They wash easy and the cats no longer have to strain to eat from the dish on the floor.”

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